Purchase planning graph

How can I improve purchasing and planning in my food business?

Optimising your purchasing and planning systems is a very effective way to improve the profitability of your food and beverage business.

The first thing to do is streamline your working methods to maximise your efficiency. If you’d like more on this subject, you might like to read How do I standardise processes as my food and beverage business grows?
That’s why it is important to be accurate when picking orders, better accuracy means:
• Improved customer service
• Lessen the risk of inventory shrinkage
• Better data to base planning on

How to Reduce Waste

It might not be obvious, but inventory wastage is not just a loss, something that you bought and then disposed of.
The value of the disposed inventory inflates the cost of the goods sold directly affecting the profitability of specific lines. In this post the story of how we helped an Italian company to reduce waste and increase profits