9 techniques to reduce warehouse picking errors

Warehouse mistakes cost money. Shipping the wrong items means bad customer service but also inaccurate inventory that will make the planner’s calculations for the next order based on incorrect data.
That’s why it is important to be accurate when picking orders, better accuracy means:
• Improved customer service
• Lessen the risk of inventory shrinkage
• Better data to base planning on

5 Supply Chain Management Challenges in Food and Beverage

Supply chain: all the activities required to deliver value to your customers. From sourcing materials, transforming, packing and shipping the purchased products making sure to deliver the right item at the right time, to the right place at the right costs.
Seems quite challenging right? Well for Food & Bev companies it’s certainly is:
Here’s the 5 main challenges and how to get through them

How to decide if it’s time for a new warehouse

Sales are increasing requiring additional inventory and more personnel to fulfill orders. The warehouse is about to reach its maximum capacity and people are bumping into each other when working.

Time for a new warehouse? Not so fast…

The three main responsibilities of an entrepreneur

As the figures initially suggested the business had a problem of cash flow caused by low profitability. The unexpected success made it even worse. The business was facing bankruptcy 8 months after opening

Why a business must be managed in line with high values

Our decisions are based on our values, this is true for our daily activities as well as when in business. In this post, we discuss the benefit of having values about our business and how this will impact our decision-making process

How to Reduce Waste

It might not be obvious, but inventory wastage is not just a loss, something that you bought and then disposed of.
The value of the disposed inventory inflates the cost of the goods sold directly affecting the profitability of specific lines. In this post the story of how we helped an Italian company to reduce waste and increase profits