Hi. My name is Alfredo Iorio

Founder of Viscontis - food business consulting

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I have been in the Food & Bev industry for the last 20 years; working on Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics management for medium and large companies across Europe.

In 2015 I was hired by one of the leading food wholesale group in the UK and started working on strategy implementation. As a result, I had the amazing opportunity to learn from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.
Working side-by-side with Supply Chain, Finance, Business management, Sales and IT experts on large scale projects, I gained tremendous insights on how to innovate, improve and change working patterns, processes and implement strategic plans to achieve company goals.

Viscontis presenting at the Food & Drink European Expo

I believe in the importance of having healthy, sustainable and ethical food more available

But to have good food choices and try to influence friends and family members, although it helps, it's not enough to change an industry where junk food is cheap, accessible and "cool".
More can be done to make better food available to consumers.

It is because of this reason that I founded Viscontis food business consulting. To make healthy, sustainable and ethical food businesses succeed.

I believe that, by sharing the knowledge and expertise gained in this industry, I can help teams being more efficient, managers to execute better and owners to achieve goals.

If more of such businesses succeed, there will be more good choices for us, the consumers; more ethical products in our supermarkets and restaurants and better food will become more accessible, cheaper and eventually "cool".

If you too share these values and are in the food business, get in touch. I look forward to working with you and make your business a success

Our core values


Our contracts include a confidentiality agreement

Customers and vendors, recepies, business models and any other intellectual property are safe with us

We value team work

Our philosophy is: The right strategy must involve end-users. Their knowledge complements the directors vision

No effective change can be implemented in an organization that does not involve end-users in the decision making process


We are independent

We have established business relations with several software vendors, logistics companies, manufactures and accountig firms

But we don't accect commissions. That's because we want to offer impartial advice to our clients

Ethical Businesses, better food choices

I believe in the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises and that they are the fabric of the country’s economy.

In Food this is even more true as the trade affects local producers, communities and have a significant social impact.

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