About us


In almost 20 years in the food industry I have seen too many good food businesses failing because of reasons that have nothing to do with their products. Too often, innovative brands with healthy and sustainable products failed for lack of business management skills.

Mistakes in demand planning and forecasts resulted in having too much or too less stock in the warehouse; inaccurate order fulfilment meant bad customer service and high cost to manage claims and returns; data managed in standalone records often resulted in reports and data analysis for sales and costs being unreliable, leaving senior management with no tools to make timely decisions about the strategy of their business.

Overall, I have seen too many companies failing because of profitability issues caused high running costs. I believe that, if more small and medium companies with innovative and sustainable products succeed, we all succeed. Local economy, better jobs, better choices for consumers. It is because of this that I founded Viscontis. To provide support to good companies and help them achieve operational efficiency, therefore be profitable in the food market.


Our core values

We Value Business Privacy

Viscontis blog posts will never disclose sensitive business details

All our stories are either from real work experiences or from well researched case studies; we do our due diligence and always verify the accuracy of our content.

We Support Community Members

Viscontis staff operates in accordance to the company mission:

  • We help food businesses to increase profitability by driving efficiency.
  • That means Blog post and comments will always be written with the main purpose of supporting community members.
  • We leave cheap tricks to drive traffic or to show off knowledge to those consultants with offices in high raises.

We Encourage Collaboration

Whether it’s an email or a post, members are always encouraged to reply and share their opinion.

Comments that comply with our values are always welcome

We Care About Your Business

Viscontis believe in the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises and that they are the fabric of the country’s economy.

In food this is even more true as the trade affects local producers, communities and have a significant social impact.

It is with this in mind that Viscontis was founded.