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To achieve




So your Business is growing. Congratulations!

Let me guess...

  • A new customer has shown interest in your products?
  • The last marketing campaign is performing well?
  • You have just launched a new product or range and getting more demand?

You are ready to grow but...

  • You have reached the limits of your Supply Chain capacity
  • Your costs are too high due to business process inefficiency
  • You can't get insight from data collected

Regardless of the reason, if your business needs to grow, you need smooth operations that are simple to execute and easy to manage. My Question for you:

Do you have a plan to implement the change necessary to achieve your goals?

Hi. My name is Alfredo Iorio


I have been in Supply Chain for the last 20 years; working on Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics management for medium and large companies across Europe.

In 2015 I was hired by one of the leading food wholesale group in the UK and started working on strategy implementation. As a result, I had the amazing opportunity to learn from some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.
Working side-by-side with Supply Chain, Finance, Business management, Sales and IT experts on large scale projects, I gained tremendous insights on how to innovate, improve and change working patterns, processes and implement strategic plans to achieve company goals.

sales and marketing alone cannot make a company grow

You need an efficient Supply Chain to cope with the increased complexity that a growing business must deal with:

  • Purchase and planning
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Cost control and budgeting
  • Software and Business Intelligence

All these areas of your Business must scale if you want to grow

I have worked with businesses trading with the big names in retail



with leading supply chain service providers






using the best software






Coaching and training for management teams and operatives plus support with the selection of new staff. Because strategic management and engaged teams means good business


Map process to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement; then design new procedures and provide support to implement the necessary changes.


Provide guidance and expertise to improve existing technology or to implement new tools. Automating tasks and getting insights to pave the road to lasting growth

Unlike other consultancies

We are doers

Thanks to 20 years of international experience in Food & Bev Operations and Supply Chain Management, we can offer hands-on expertise to implement plans; not just the theory

We partner with you

We also offer ongoing partnership to our customers in the form of memberships. Think of us as your Non-Executive Director of Operations, working with you to scale up your business

We guarantee results

Budget, Deliverables and Time-Scale of all our projects are clearly defined at the sign-up of the contracts: If we don't deliver, It's on us

Viscontis presenting at the Food & Drink European Expo

Our core values


Our contracts include a confidentiality agreement. Customers and vendors, recepies, business models and any other intellectual property are safe with us

We value team work

Our philosophy is: The right strategy must involve end-users. Their knowledge complements the directors vision. No effective change can be implemented in an organization that does not involve end-users in the decision making process


We are independent

We have established business relations with several software vendors, logistics companies, manufactures and accountig firms

But we don't accect commissions. That's because we want to offer impartial advice to our clients

Ethical Businesses, better choices

I believe in the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises and that they are the fabric of the country’s economy.

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