stop wasting time and money running the wrong software
I can teach you how to select the ERP software that best meets your food business needs

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The problem with most IT consultants:

  • They are software experts, but don't fully understand the needs of SMEs in the food industry
  • They work for software companies, therefore thay can't really offer impartial advice

I help food businesses make better IT decisions by empowering users with Enterprise Software knowledge

  • Are you interested in making your food business more profitable?
  • Are you ready to take responsibility and be the IT decision maker in your company

If yes, here's why I can help:

  • 20 Year of international experience in operations and Supply Chain management for food suppliers
  • Former owner of a 3PL logistics company contracting distribution of Food products
  • Hands-on experience, I have worked in warehousing and trucking before implementing 6-figures ERP systems for food companies

This is not for you if:

  • You believe that the brand of the technology in use is important
  • You are not ready to take action and learn new skills
  • You prefer to delegate the decision making process to IT staff
  • You care more about having the latest fancy technology rather than giving your staff tools to run the business efficiently

If you want to learn how to use technology to drive efficiency and profitability in your food business, get in touch for a free consultation on my bespoke IT training programs for food businesses

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P.S. I am committed to give my clients total focus and attention. That's why I only take 3 customers a year

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